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Portland LumberJax v. Philadelphia Wings

2009.02.28 - LumberJax v. Philadelphia Wings

2009.02.28 - LumberJax v. Philadelphia Wings

2009.02.28 - LumberJax v. Philadelphia Wings

This was an interesting game night.  First of all, I had to be there over two hours before game time to shoot some photos for a magazine.  Due to some travel delays, not everyone was there on time.  No big deal, it happens.  But let it be known that the fabulous life of a photographer is often filled with waiting.  And sitting around.  And a bit of thumb twiddling.  It not all just glamor.

Once that was finished, it was time to shoot team practice.  It’s nice to be able to shoot from the field, but man, those lacrosse balls are quite heavy and hard.  I’m not sure where it came from, but I got smacked on the side of my neck and got to wear a welt the rest of the night.  Better my neck than the camera, right?

Then, right at the end of halftime, I got kicked out of my perch at the corner of the field.  It’s one of the spots I’ve been shooting from during every game over the last two years: clear glass, out of the way, and right where someone else was shooting a few minutes before.  I’m not sure why the usher was picking on me.  Sob.  Oh well, some nights go better than others.  But even on the worst night, it sure is better than being stuck behind a desk!

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, 51st Ave

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, 40th Ave

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, 40th Ave

I took some photos of Laurelwood Public House and Brewery today–all three locations. It’s strange to be inside someplace when no one else is there, especially when you’re used to it being very crowded and loud. It’s also hard taking photos of beer at 9:30 in the morning, knowing that they’ll end up in the drain. Poor, sweet, beer.

But today, I was there to get some interiors, exteriors, and merchandise for the owner. It was really sunny outside today and combined with the dim interiors, the windows were blown out, an effect that I like in most situations. It keeps the focus inside the room, with noething visible outside to distract. I composited some different RAW exposures of the same image to balance out the light a little, but I ended up settling on the single exposures with the blown out windows.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

52 Beers Group, Week 22: Punk IPA, BrewDog

52 Beers Group, Week 8: Brrr, Seasonal Red -- Widmer Brothers Brewing

52 Beers Group, Week 20: Topsail Bourbon Barrel Imperial Porter, Full Sail Brewing

I started shooting beer bottles as an analog for another product I was shooting.  I had a gig to shoot a proprietary product that included curved glass, so beer bottles made a good stand in while I waited for the prototype to arrive.

It turns out, glass is a bit tricky to shoot.  It’s hard to light it from the front without creating distracting reflections on the front of the product.  It’s hard to light from the side without losing the light for front of the product.  Basically, you make an adjustment to one light, which throws off another, which throws off another when you adjust that one, and on and on…  Baby steps and slight adjustments will get you there.

But, for all the pain, I did develop better eyes for very tiny details.  Very tiny reflective details.  And now, people send me beer to shoot and when I’m done, I get to drink the beer!  Two birds, one stone.

Portland LumberJax v. San Jose Stealth

2009.02.07 - LumberJax v. San Jose Stealth

2009.02.07 - LumberJax v. San Jose Stealth

2009.02.07 - LumberJax v. San Jose Stealth

I got caught up in all the action tonight. There are definitely pros and cons to being a fan and a photographer. Sometimes it’s hard not to forget that you’re working the game and not just watching it. Standing up and cheering sometimes reminds you that the super-heavy paperweight around your neck is is a camera–but I am a professional and remain unbiased (yeah, right). I wandered down to the players bench with 2:00 minutes left in order to get on the field for the victory lap right after the game.

Well, in these last two minutes there was a fight on the field, there were a couple of penalties, and a lot of excitement on the bench. I poked my lens out onto the bench a few times and captured some great shots of the players and coaches, including the top photo of Derek Malawsky during a record breaking game.

I also snapped the photo of Tyler Codron (middle) while he was cooling down in the locker room hallway after his fight with Kyle Hartzell. For a few seconds, I thought he was going to continue the fight with me!

After the game, I scrambled over to the press room to catch the tail end of the post game conference. And then, it was back home for 4 hours of photo processing and uploading.