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Belated Father's Day

Belated Father's Day

Belated Father's Day

My brother.  What can I say?  We’ve got history.  We’ve got a future.  We’ve got the same mother–I think.  No blood tests have been performed, but the rumors are very strong.

If things never changed, I wouldn’t get sentimental.  I wouldn’t miss my “go drink a beer at the nod of the head” brother.  I wouldn’t miss my “roommate” brother.  I wouldn’t miss my “doctorate at the age of ten” brother (you’re welcome).  And I surely wouldn’t miss my “I answer my phone” brother (seriously dude, pick up your damn phone).

Things change.  I changed.  My brother changed.  I complained a little–and still complain now and then.  When I do, it’s because I’ve lost a bit of power over him.  The influence that I squandered has been replaced by other obligations.  Unfortunately, those obligations don’t revolve around me.  Fortunately for him though, those obligations don’t revolve around me.

The set to the right include three different interactions between my brother Neil and his daughter Lily: protection, compassion, confusion, vigilance, understanding, love, commitment, not understanding, fear, playfulness, and exhaustion–all within a few hours of the same day.  They may not be the most glamorous captures, but they are a moment in time, from eyes that he doesn’t have time look through.  Oh, and the compression of these images is horrible, make sure to click on the images and check out  larger sizes.

Unfortunately, my brother is just my brother.  It’s still strange to think of him as a father as well.  Because of this, the only thought I had this Father’s Day was of my dad.  While he deserves a pat on the back, he’s in the easy phase: he can shrug and say “I’m not responsible anymore”.  But it’s my brother, as a new father, who needs the most help and well wishes at the beginning of this journey.

I’m sorry I missed it. Happy Belated Father’s Day.  You’re doing just fine.

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Father’s Day”

  1. Matt, what a nice tribute to Lily’s Daddy! When/if you decide to take this down, please send a copy/link/technocard to me for posterity’s sake.

    Also, why can’t I contact you about photo jobs anymore? What happened to the contact screen?

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