Oregon Brewers Festival Media Preview 2009

Oregon Brewers Festival 2009

Oregon Brewers Festival 2009

Oregon Craft Beer Month is almost over–and it ends with a bang: the Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF).  This year, I attended three events surrounding the festival: the Oregon Brewer’s Guild Dinner, the OBF Media Preview, and the OBF itself–all while draggin my camera and bag around.

The Brewer’s Guild Dinner was great.  There are a limited number of seats sold so it’s never over crowded, there are about 25 beers on tap that aren’t available at the OBF, there are beer celebrities galore, and the food is delicious.  All of this makes my job fun.  I get to walk around, drink great beer, and take photos.  For events like this, I usually use my Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS lens to get shots of the crowd interactions without being intrusive.  If someone knows you’re shooting, they always behave differently.  For events like this, you want to capture spontaneous action and it’s much easier with a long lens.

The next day was the Media Preview.  We tried about 16 different beers that spanned styles from Raspberry Wheats to Stouts.  The pace wasn’t that quick, but juggling my camera, lenses, a notebook (and pen), and a beer slowed me down a bit and the beers seemed to come one right after another.  Not that big of a deal when your job for the day is drinking beer!

After that, it was the OBF itself.  We got there around noon, the lines were short, the beer was great, and we got our fill before it became too hot.  Attendance and beer consumption records were broken again this year and it was over before I knew it.

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