The Rebuilding Center

The Rebuilding Center

The Rebuilding Center

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer at The ReBuilding Center in North Portland.  I spent about 4 hours at the center–one hour learning about what they do, and 3 hours sorting reclaimed moulding (different sizes, painted/unpainted, newly delivered, etc).  It was a simple volunteer experience, for a great cause:

“The ReBuilding Center, a project of Our United Villages, is a vibrant resource working to strengthen the environmental, economic, and social fabric of local communities. Founded by volunteers in 1998, The ReBuilding Center carries the region’s largest volume of used building and remodeling materials. It provides resources that make home repairs affordable to everyone, with the goal of promoting the reuse of salvaged and reclaimed materials. Three hundred visitors come to The ReBuilding Center every day to browse the ever-changing inventory that includes sinks, tubs, tile, lumber, doors, windows, trim and much more.”

With so many types of materials available in large open spaces, I thought it would be great to document their location through photography.  While I found the shots I wanted, I also found the spirit of commitment, responsibility, and excitement in the people who work there and contribute to building a better community in Portland.  Please visit their website as well as their North Portland location, and contribute to the causes that affect our community in positive ways.

Hours:  Mon – Sat 9 – 6;  Sun 10 – 5
Phone:  503-331-1877
3625 N. Mississippi Ave.

Check out the rest of the photos here.

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