Lily2008.11.19 - Elowah Falls

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery, 51st Ave

My name is Matt Wiater and I specialize in informal available light photography. This is a documentary style capturing spontaneous moments within the environment, rather than a studio setting. I adjust my shooting techniques and equipment to make use of the available light, rather than relighting the setting. This technique allows me to capture the unique lighting of the scene and present it as part of the final image without interrupting the emotion of the action. Of course, not all situations provide enough light, so I am prepared to relight the subject or scene using traditional studio lighting and flash units if necessary.

Over the past few years, my photography has been featured in over 200 publications, including magazines, billboards, and several online publications.

I’m now living in Portland, OR which means that I’m close to the city, the country, the Columbia Gorge, the mountains, and the coast. I’m also involved in the beer scene here in Portland through my site The marriage of photography and beer will be represented in a book on Portland breweries that I’m working on as well, hopefully coming out this year.