Business Photography

For business photography, I try to discover a unique point of view or composition. My goal is to capture a scene so that even people who have seen something a thousand times are able to see it in a new light.  See all blog articles related to Business Photography.

Deschutes Brewery (Bend, OR)

Sports Photography

Getting the shot in sports photography can come through many avenues. There’s the excitement of the crowd, the action of the game, the emotion of the players, and the effort and suspense of the play. It’s great to catch any of these pieces, but getting them all in one shot can tell the whole story of the game with one image.  See all blog articles related to Sports Photography.

2008.12.20 -- LumberJax Training Camp

Music Photography

Translating an artist in their creative element onto paper can be a difficult task. Luckily, press credentials can give you a lot of unique opportunities! Shooting both from the audience point of view as well as behind the scenes can capture a musician doing what they do best.  See all blog articles related to Music Photography.

Lewi Longmire 03

Event Photography

Event photography is great–unless you like participating! Most often, walking the perimeter with a long lens is necessary to capture what is going on with the staff and guests. People act differently when they see a photographer around, so getting the perfect shot usually means trying to be invisible.  See all blog articles related to Event Photography.

Oregon Brewers Festival 2008

Product Photography

Depending on the intended use of your product shots, I can shoot either on location or at the studio. All final images will be delivered at a ready-to-print resolution of 300dpi, and of course, can be downsized as necessary for efficient digital placement.  See all articles related to Product Photography.

Black Gold Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Full Sail Brewing Co.

Child Photography

Children are both the easiest and hardest subjects to photograph. They run through the gamut of emotions in a matter of seconds. This allows the photographer to collect a lot of expressions during a shoot, but if you miss something, it might be gone for good.


Family Photography

Capturing the dynamics of a family is extremely difficult–especially if you make them stand still, for fifteen minutes at a time, in a straight line, in front of some scenic viewpoint. The best images are captured when no one knows you’re looking and something as simple as tying a shoelace can convey everything.

Wyatt and Dad