The Lewi Longmire Band

Lewi Longmire 01

Stage 01

Lewi Longmire 02

Every Thursday, the Lewi Longmire Band plays at the Laurelthirst bar on Glisan Street. It’s a free show from 6p-8p and I’ve been going fairly regularly for the last couple of years. Great music, great crowd, almost home by dinner!

I talked to the band and asked if they would mind me taking photos. I got the ok, and rented a Canon 85mm f1.2 L lens for the night. Wow, that lens was awesome. The depth of field is so shallow wide open, that if the focus is off by a few centimeters, you won’t end up with a usable photo. I lost a lot of photos due to this, but when I got it right, the focus was ultra-sharp. I wish I had an extra $2000 to buy my own…

I decided not to adjust the white balance when mastering the photos. They came out a bit hot, but I think that they worked out better this way with the lights, textures, and background colors.